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In an effort to make it easier for visitors to follow changes made to the website,
I will post here a log of the changes as I make them.

          --WHUMC Webmaster--


  Change   Date

If you missed "A Night of Praise" Sunday evening October 5th, you can download and listen to a recording from it HERE (all but the very begining). You can download an edited version HERE (mostly just the music).


We have now migrated to our new site, as the General Board of Global Ministries of the United Methodist Church announced they would stop offering web hosting. I updated the home page and e-mail addresses to reflect the change. More changes will be coming! Be sure to add http://www.westhamptonumc.com to your favorites / bookmarks.

  I updated the webpage to reflect our new pastor. I posted the latest two Newsletters. I discovered some errors in the links (pointing to wrong pages) and fixed them.   06/28/2013
  I updated the Calendars. I archived some older newsletters to remain within space limits. I removed some out of date material.   04/15/2013
  Look for the new link on the main page to our Facebook Links (our presence on Facebook). I updated the Calendars and Newsletters. I archived some older newsletters to remain within space limits   10/24/2012
  Updated calendars and Newsletters. Archived some older newsletters to remain within space limits   7/26/2012
  Updated Sunday Activities page (some new descriptions); Added link (new!) to new Youth Group page (on Home page); Updated Bible Studies (There are some new ones. Check 'em out!); Updated Women's Activities (There are some new ones. Check it out!); Updated calendars; Added February newsletter.   03/14/2012
  Changed some details of existing Bible Studies; change to men's activities.   02/17/2012
  Updated calendars   02/08/2012
  Updated calendars; added November newsletter; updated Our Structure>>>Officers of the Church Council page.   12/22/2011
  Two New Bible Study Groups added (Disciple Bible Study, Becoming A Prayer Warrior); December calendar added, October and November calendars updated.   09/17/2011
  September Newsletter now available; added/updated September, October, and November calendars.   09/02/2011
  added August, September, and October calendars.   07/30/2011
  May Newsletter now available; updated May and June calendars; added July calendar.   05/03/2011
  updated calendars and updated e-mail address for prayer requests.   03/22/2011
  updated calendars and created this page.   02/28/2011



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