Charge Conference:


Mission: to provide for the overall vision, planning, guidance, and oversight for the programs and staff of the church through the pastor, the church council, its officers, committees, ministry leaders, and ministers are large in order to insure that our church is all that Christ would have it to be. 


Within the pastoral charge, the local church, the basic unit of organization is the Charge Conference.  It will be organized in accordance with the Constitution of the United Methodist Church and will meet annually.  Special sessions may be called by the District Superintendent after consultation with the pastor or by the pastor with the written consent of the District Superintendent.


Membership in the Charge Conference consists of all members of the Church Council.  If desired, the Charge Conference may, after a vote, be convened as a Church Conference, which means that all “professing members” of the church are then voting members. 


The District Superintendent will fix the time of the meeting and will preside at the meeting (unless designating another elder to preside).  The location of the meeting is determined by the Charge Conference itself.


Members present and voting shall constitute a quorum.


The primary responsibility of the Charge Conference is to review and to evaluate the total mission and ministry of the church, receive reports, and adopt objectives and goals recommended by the church council that are in keeping with the objectives of the United Methodist church.


Although its responsibilities are many, the following are annual responsibilities:


·        Election of a secretary and the recoding of all minutes

·        Approval of pastor’s compensation package for the coming year

·        Approval of the church budget for the ensuing year

·        Approval of parsonage allowance

·        Receive the parsonage inspection report

·        Receive the pastor’s continuing education report

·        Recognize and renew any candidate for ministry

·        Certification and/or recertification of lay speakers

·        Receive and approve any bequest, trust funds or gifts

·        Election of Lay Leadership Committee

·        Election of Trustees (paper ballot)

·        Election of all other committees

·        Receipt of all other committee reports

·        Other responsibilities as required


For a detailed, and official, description of the duties and responsibilities of the charge conference please refer to The Book of Discipline of the United Methodist Church, 2005 – paragraphs 246 through 250.